A variety of extreme and unusual locations where plants and animals live. Desert, polar, coastal, underwater, rural and urban habitats are shown. Beetles, lizards, penguins, woodlice, hermit crabs, fish and a mole all feature, as do various plants.

Note: There is no narration in this clip.

This clip is from:
Science Clips, Habitats
First broadcast:
8 October 2007

Students could be asked to create a list of the different types of habitat shown in this clip. Groups of students could be assigned one of these habitats. Working in their groups students could consider the environmental conditions in this habitat, and the challenges faced by the plants and animals living there. They could research the plants and animals living here in order to find out about how their physical and behavioural characteristics have adapted to ensure their survival in this environment. This information could then be presented to the class.

Students could also use the habitats shown in this clip to design their own perfectly- adapted plant or animal to survive in this environment. Ask students to select a habitat at random,consider the environmental challenges along with possible predators and food sources, and then design their creature.