Waiting in Lady Runcie Campbell's grand house, Wallace expresses his rage and disgust at Duror's murder of Calum. He presents his theory that Duror was out for any excuse to kill Calum, and found one when Calum's brother Neil disobeyed an order from the upper class Lady Runcie Campbell. THE CLIP INCLUDES THEMES OF VIOLENCE AND PREJUDICE AND SCENES WITH A GUN.

This clip is from:
Bitesize English
First broadcast:
10 May 2012

Students could examine the way in which class division is presented, particularly focusing on Wallace's analysis of Lady Runcie Campbell forcing the cone gatherers to leave the beach hut. Encourage students to think about why she did this and write down their justifications. Also consider the way in which Duror views class (he is conservative and believes in hierarchy). How would these views trigger an excuse to kill Calum? Ask students to write a short essay explaining their reasoning.