The UK is home to a wide variety of plants and animals, both familiar and unfamiliar. Many of them, such as worms, snails, weeds, flowers and trees, can be seen every day.

(There is no narration on this clip)

First broadcast:
18 September 2007

This clip could be used to support learning about interdependence and adaptation. The clip provides an opportunity to appreciate the variety of living organisms in one habitat and how they might reply on each other for survival. Pupils could watch the clip, noting down as many animals and plants as possible. As well as discussing the way in which animals are adapted to their habitat, pupils could be challenged to show how these animals are dependant on each other for survival. Firstly, can the children construct any food chains that exist within this habitat? For example, marrow-slug-bird-fox. Once they have constructed a variety of food chains, these can be amalgamated to form a food web, showing the importance of interdependence. For a practical activity, each pupil can take the role of one animal in the food web, using string to link themselves to other animals in the food chain. This is a good visual way of showing the connections between organisms and demonstrating how food webs begin to form.