Spud is keen to have a cuddly new pet but Farley isn't happy to be considered for the role. He doesn't think of himself as a dog. With the help of Soda's translating cap, the friends consider the various merits of a bird, a tortoise, a hamster, a dog and a cat. Farley's unconventional approach to the pet search convinces Spud that maybe she needs to think about the situation more. The humorous animation introduces some Spanish vocabulary to beginners.

First broadcast:
3 May 2011

This clip could be used to practise the vocabulary for pets and to introduce adjective agreement. Students could be given flashcards with various animals on them which could then be matched to the appropriate adjective. The masculine and feminine form of each adjective could be given. Students could also be encouraged to create complete sentences such as 'el gato es aterrador'. Students could include the use of a 'translation cap' to add a fun element to the activity.