We meet a young girl called Selin who was born in Germany but has Turkish parents and lives in the Turkish area of Berlin, Kreuzberg. We see her family's flats, and the Capoeira club she attends (Brazilian martial art). We meet her family and see them eating their evening meal. She and her family speak German and Turkish, and eat both German and Turkish food. Commentary in German and English.

This clip is from:
Being German
First broadcast:
13 March 2009

Could be used to introduce words for members of the family. Ask the children to bring in images of their family and comment on them in German using the words and phrases from the clip, eg 'das ist mein Vater'.
Can also be used to introduce words for living space such as 'Wohnung', 'Badezimmer', 'Wohnzimmer'. Show the children images of furniture and ask them in which room of the house the furniture is normally found.
Ask the children about their favourite subjects at school. Make a list of all their school subjects in German and ask them to write the words on cards and then sketch items that symbolise the subjects on other cards. Help them to create their own set of playing cards and then use them to play snap with a partner. They have to shout out "snap" when a matching pair (eg. 'Geschichte' - image of castle) is placed next to each other.