We follow two Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) on an Oxfordshire estate. They discuss how they tackle anti-social behaviour and explain the range of penalties they are able to enforce. A teenager who has been given an Acceptable Behaviour Contract (ABC) describes her anti-social behaviour and reflects on her dealings with the police.

This clip is from:
Youth and Community Justice
First broadcast:
17 June 2009

This clip could be used as part of a research project on crime in the local area. Students can research what Police Community Support Officers are and how they differ to police officers. They can study the various penalties that can be given to those behaving in an anti-social manner. Students can analyse the level of crime in their local area or community and discuss what would need to be done to improve the situation. Students could identify examples of anti-social behaviour and examine the reasons why the perception of anti-social behaviour can vary from one person to another.