The Chinese never feel they've made a good purchase unless they've haggled over the price first! And they drive a hard bargain too. Whether you make a purchase at a street stall or a department store, everything is up for negotiation.

In this clip, we also visit a cloisonné factory to see how the ancient art of making enamel pots is still going strong. This clip covers asking how much things are, some examples of prices, useful phrases for bargaining and the colours red, blue and yellow.

This clip is from:
Real Chinese, Buying and Selling
First broadcast:
4 November 2010

This can be used as a listening exercise by asking the students to write down the prices that they hear in the clip. It could also be used to introduce Chinese currency.
Ask the students to design their own Chinese vase with different colours, then engage in a conversation with others to sell their vase or to buy other students’ vases.