The Amazon rainforest in Brazil is the largest rainforest in the world and is home to a complex ecosystem of plants and animals. Big businesses and farming are changing the nature of the area at the expense of the rainforest and the local populations. The sheer size of the rainforest means that what is happening in Amazonia has an effect upon the rest of the world.

First broadcast:
17 May 2007

After watching the clip, children could create a non-fiction book, either individually, in groups or as a class, about the Amazon rainforest. They could look at where in the world it is, plants and animals that live there and how it is crucial for Brazil and the whole world. Children could also look at habitats and food chains and what could happen if the deforestation of the rainforest continues. Children could look at what the term 'extinct' means and investigate what has happened to other species of animals that have become extinct. They could consider other endangered species and start to develop and plan fund-raising ideas to help these animals. The children could be tasked with drawing posters, warning people about the dangers of destroying animal’s natural habitats.