The function and purpose of the prologue from William Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' is discussed and related to modern day films. A performance of the prologue by a group of students follows.

First broadcast:
4 June 2010

Before watching the clip, ask students to work in small groups to create their own prologue for a film or play they are familiar with. Discuss the purpose of a trailer or a prologue. Their own performances should be only 60 seconds long. Perform and then watch the clip.
Students could then read the prologue from ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and discuss the meaning. In the same groups they should create a performance of it, trying to grab the audience's attention using voice, movement, sound effects, mime and anything else they wish. These should be performed and feedback should focus on the importance of arresting the viewer’s attention from the immediate opening of a play (creating anticipation for the rest of the story).