Presenter Rodd is tidying up in the outside play area. He begins by exploring how we look when we feel happy, sad, worried and sulky through a range of facial expressions and some body movements which convey different emotions. Through role play, he demonstrates how much better it is to talk about a problem and solve it rather than go in a huff. A new style of playful learning sketch for school or home which requires you to participate by reading the onscreen cues and doing the actions with your children.

This clip is from:
Talkie Time
First broadcast:
8 February 2011

Throughout this clip, read out the dialogue written on the screen during the sketch as though actually talking with Rodd. Students could be encouraged to participate and call out answers to Rodd where appropriate. There is also an opportunity to pause the clip half way through for students to further discuss huffy behaviour, and what could be a better alternative. Students could explore facial expressions that convey different emotions by making paper plate portraits. Ask students to write down lots of different emotions, and all of these could be put into a bag. Each student could then choose a feeling from the bag and, keeping it a secret, draw a face to represent this feeling. Students could then share these faces with their classmates who could try to guess what feeling it shows. Challenge students to write a story about a time when they felt this emotion. These stories could be displayed on the wall beside their paper plate portrait.