Weapons of Sound are an exciting teenage band. They have been very successful and have even played at the Royal Albert Hall. All their instruments are homemade from rubbish and include items such as an old kitchen sink, gas pipes, a shopping trolley and dustbins!

First broadcast:
15 October 2007

Ask pupils to save and collect items of food packaging and other ‘found objects’ they think would make good musical instruments. Ask: "Can you find things that could belong to each musical instrument family (percussion, strings and wind instruments)?" Encourage pupils to demonstrate how they would play their musical instruments. Put the children into groups and set them a challenge. They must use their instruments to play a well-known song. (These could include nursery rhymes, songs learned in school, or current chart hits.) A lot of the instruments the children have made will be untuned percussion, so you could allow your pupils to choose one 'regular' instrument, such as a xylophone or recorder, to supplement their other instruments. The children are also free to use their voices, as long as they don’t sing any recognisable words. Ask other members of the class to guess the tune that each group plays.