Spud opens her birthday presents to discover a shirt, trousers and a jumper and she's not happy. Farley only speaks Mandarin and so doesn't understand. When the problem is explained to him with the help of Soda's translating cap, he sets about proving that clothes can be fun. In the antics that follow - usually at Soda's expense, Spud is convinced and starts to enjoy her birthday.

First broadcast:
3 May 2011

This clip could be used to introduce clothing vocabulary. To consolidate, choose a mystery child, but keep them a secret. Ask all of the students to stand and begin to describe some of the clothing the mystery child is wearing in Mandarin. If students are not wearing this item of clothing they should sit down. Keep playing until only the mystery child is left. Students could then take on the role of choosing and describing. Students could also design and label in Mandarin their perfect outfit.