An introduction to the Stone of Destiny, also known as the Stone of Scone. The presenter asks how the Stone was used during a coronation ceremony. Did the king sit on it or did he have to lift it? Kenneth McAlpin brought the stone from Dalriada. News footage shows the stone being returned to Scotland, having been kept in England for centuries.

This clip is from:
See You See Me, The New Scots
First broadcast:
19 October 2001

Students could discuss what possible uses the Stone of Destiny might have had and speculate about the stone's origin as the pillow in the Biblical story of Jacob’s dream. Students could research the crucial events in its history and plot these onto a timeline.

Students could also read about the story of Kay Matheson, the teacher who took the Stone of Destiny from Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day 1950 and brought it back to Scotland. Why wasn't she prosecuted? What motivation did she have to take the stone? Students could write a newspaper article describing the event.