Midas and Pactolo are rival rappers. At a show, Midas comes down with a cold and cannot carry on singing. This leaves his rival to take all the glory. He wishes that it was he who was famous. However, things don't turn out as Midas planned and soon everything he touches turns to gold - in a negative way.

This clip is from:
German - Midas
First broadcast:
4 June 2009

Ask the children what they would touch if they had the golden touch. Do they know the German word for it?
After showing the pupils the scene where Midas is reported missing and wanted by the police, ask the children to create a wanted poster for Midas using words from the clip. What does he look like? Is he dangerous?
Choose sentences from the clip and write them on a long strip of paper. Cut the sentences into single words and hand them out to the children. Can they put the sentences back together again? Maybe work with a countdown and give the children a time limit for the activity.