How to calculate the change due from a £5 note when buying a train ticket. The ticket costs £2.20 and the lady pays with a £5 note at the ticket machine. The machine rapidly calculates the amount of change and £2.80 is returned to the traveller.

This clip is from:
The Maths Channel, Money
First broadcast:
15 June 2007

Encourage children to jot down the key information as they watch this clip. Then ask them to check that the amount of change given by the ticket machine is correct. This will then be a starting point for discussion about the use of counting up (or shopkeepers addition) as a method of subtraction. Children can then be asked to design imaginary tickets to destinations of their choice. These can be redistributed among the children and changed for the £5 calculated. Children could also record the coins that were used for each amount of change.