Elijah lives in Hackney, London, and is one of his primary school's 'Olympic Ambassadors'. Elijah describes his Caribbean background, and talks about where he lives and where he goes to school. One of his best friends, Jasmin, is also an 'Olympic Ambassador'. We join them on a visit to the Olympic site and see the buildings under construction. Elijah and Jasmin answer questions from their schoolmates about their findings and reflect on how being 'ambassadors' has given them greater confidence.

First broadcast:
8 March 2010

In circle work you could ask the children to think about the area where they live and what they like about it. Invite them to share something they like to do in their special place and how it makes them feel. You could make a display of the children's drawings of their special place and as a class explore how these places need to be looked after. Consider how places can be spoiled by people. Whose job is it to look after these places? Ask the children for suggestions for how they can help to keep their special place 'special' and a safe place to be. Reflect on our responsibility to help look after our neighbourhood and ways in which we can do this.