Angela Griffin reads the story of Meera's first day at a new school. Her teacher Miss Porter seems ordinary, but has a secret. At lunchtime, Meera's classmates try to get her to hide her crisps from Miss Porter. When the teacher eats just one of Meera's crisps, she turns into a dragon. When this happens, Miss Porter tries to hide from the head teacher Mrs Spratt, but she is caught and dismissed from her job. On her last day there is a school trip to the seaside. The children have fun on the beach, but when it is time to go home, Meera realises she has left her lunch box by a rock pool. Meera goes to fetch the lunch box but is caught by the tide. Miss Porter eats more crisps, turns into a dragon again and saves her by flying over the waves. Mrs Spratt agrees to give Miss Porter her job back and the children all have dragon rides. 'The Monster Crisp-Guzzler' was written by Malorie Blackman and illustrated by Sami Sweeten.

First broadcast:
8 February 2008

The clip can be used as a stimulus for multiple writing opportunities. Ask the children to watch the clip and discuss the events of the story, Then explore it further by using drama techniques such as hot seating different characters or creating freeze frames of different points in the narrative. When the children have a good understanding of the story, they could write a character description of the teacher Miss Porter. The class can be asked to write a letter in the role of headteacher Mrs. Spratt to the school governors, explaining why she has had to dismiss Miss Porter. They could also write a newspaper report about the local school teacher who turns into a dragon when she guzzles crisps.