An animation aimed at teenagers with severe learning difficulties. Adam (a teenage boy with severe learning difficulties) comes in after a game of football. A couple of his friends are sitting on a sofa. He greets them and reaches to take a crisp from for a bowl on the coffee table. His hands are covered in mud from his football game. His friends look at him in disgust. Adam continues to eat the crisps. A question mark appears. The video replays. As he picks up a crisp during the replay, a Widgit 'stop' symbol appears. He notices the dirt on his hands and goes to the bathroom and gives them a good scrub at the sink until they are thoroughly clean.

First broadcast:
21 October 2010

This clip could be used to support PSHE learning in relation to personal care and hygiene. It encourages learners to wash their hands before eating. The widgit symbols can be used as pause-points by teachers to highlight key issues for discussion.