A look at how the creatures that live in a rockpool survive. The presenter begins by talking about the tide. With the help of an expert, Marcus, they explore rockpool life and how the sea anemone and seaweed anchor themselves to rocks for stability. Finally, they look at how a crab protects itself and how it can re-grow a leg or claw if it loses one.

First broadcast:
18 September 2007

This clip can be used as a springboard for a discussion about the way in which animals and plants are adapted to survive in their habitat. Before watching the clip, ask the pupils to suggest the environmental conditions of a rockpool. What kind of animals would survive in this environment? What about their colour, size, ability to live in seawater and on land, and their ability withstand tides? After the clip, children could choose to 'promote' one particular animal, researching its unique features and the way it is adapted to a rockpool. Perhaps a competition could be launched to decide which organisms should be 'king of the rockpool', with children competing to convince everyone of the superiority of their chosen organism? As an additional activity, pupils could draw on their knowledge of rockpool animals and create their own new species, ensuring the organisms have features which ensure its survival in a rock pool habitat.