A look at the many different places that animals lay eggs - maleo fowl lay eggs in the sand, swifts lay eggs behind a waterfall, fairy terns lay eggs on a branch, mosquitos lay eggs on the water, tree frogs lay eggs on a leaf, red crabs lay eggs in the sea and moths lay eggs on a branch.

This clip is from:
Our Planet, Eggs and Green
First broadcast:
20 February 2007

Useful as part of a study of variation. The clip could be used at the start of the lesson to introduce children to spotting differences and similarities between animals. The children could be asked at the end of the clip to talk to a partner about anything that was similar about the featured animals and anything that was different. The clip could then be viewed again and paused after each animal and observations from the children can be collated and displayed in notes on the board. Following this, the children could complete a simple matching activity to match the correct animal to the place where it lays its eggs or they could work in pairs to complete a ‘guess who’ style activity using the features noted in the clip.