A demonstration of how different measuring equipment is used to measure different things. When we measure things like how tall we are, how much we weigh, or how far we can jump we use measuring equipment, for example, a ruler, measuring tape, weighing scales or a measuring jug. Measuring equipment has a scale on it so we can measure accurately. Children are shown measuring the distance jumped by friends taking part in a long jump competition.

First broadcast:
11 September 2007

This clip could be used in a PE lesson. Discuss the correct way to measure and explain that it is only fair that all pupils measure from and to the same point. Show the clip again and look how the children measured to the heel of the foot mark. Tell the class that they will work in small groups. Some will measure and record how far they can jump, some will measure how far they can throw a bean bag or foam javelin. Are there any other ways we could measure our activities? Time could also be used? Establish a good way to record the results before carrying out these activites.