Lenny Henry narrates two 'Rastamouse' stories. In the 'Crucial Plan', a cheese pie competition tempts a thief who ultimately finds redemption as a head cook in the orphanage. 'In Da Bag-a Bling', mice are kidnapped and a 'rap' ransom note is left. Rastamouse sets a trap, which eventually leads to the villain who decides to change his ways. 'Rastamouse' was written by Michael de Souza and Genevieve Webster and illustrated by Genevieve Webster.

First broadcast:
18 January 2008

This clip can be used as a starting point for many different types of writing. Using ‘The Crucial Plan’ story, the children can revisit the clip several times to support different aspects of writing. In the first instance, they could create 'WANTED' posters for the cheese thief. Next they could write invites to the party using the details from the clip. They could also write letters of apology to the orphaned children for stealing the cheese. In ‘Da Bag-a Bling’ the children should be encouraged to learn the ransom letter rap and perform. They can then write their own rap-style ransom letter as well as designing missing posters for the orphans.