An insight into the meaning, and importance, of Shabbat - the seventh day of the Jewish week and a day of rest in Judaism.

The presenter looks at the traditions associated with this holy day, including how preparations are made in advance as Jews are not allowed to do any type of work on Shabbat.

With thanks to Leo Dickinson.

This clip is from:
Pathways of Belief, Judaism: God
First broadcast:
25 January 2007

Students could be given a seven day planner and asked how they would create the world if they had seven days. What would they create on the first day? What about the last day? Would they build in a rest day? Students could share and compare their seven day creation plans, then go on to compare and contrast these with Genesis in the Old Testament. Why do students think the Shabbat is important to Jews?

Students could go on to examine how their weekend differs from the rest of the week and what preparations they make for their weekend, comparing this with the preparation made for Shabbat.