People who live in cities tend to be close to all the facilities they need. Living in the countryside means that some people have to travel long distances to reach facilities. Two girls travel from their home in Kilchoan to school in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull. Their journey involves a walk and a ferry trip. This is time-consuming and reliant on the weather.

First broadcast:
1 December 2003

Students could compare their journey to school with the one taken by the girls in this clip. Is it unusual to take a ferry to school?

Students could interview parents and relatives and collect information about the journeys they took to school. Students could take one example which is different to their own journey and consider the differences in the landscape. For example, one student may take a bus to school because (s)he lives in the city but their grandparents may have taken a ferry because they lived on an island as the girls in the clip do. What are the differences in landscape on an island compared to a city?