When Rodd is ill you can cheer him up by making sure he is looking after himself, writing a new version of Humpty Dumpty and drawing him some pictures before finally turning his lights off so he can get some sleep. A new style of playful learning sketch for school or home which requires you to participate by reading the onscreen cues and doing the actions with your children.

This clip is from:
Talkie Time
First broadcast:
19 March 2010

Throughout this clip, read out the dialogue written on the screen during the sketch as though actually talking with Rodd. There is also an opportunity to pause this clip and work with students to write an alternative Humpty Dumpty rhyme to cheer Rodd up. It should start ‘Humpty Dumpty sat on a swing’. Students should then be asked to draw pictures of this story to show to Rodd when the clip is played again. Ask students to discuss the things that cheer them up when they are feeling ill. They could also think about the things that could cheer up their friends and family, and make get well soon cards with pictures of their favourite things to cheer them up.