A riddle is used as a device for remembering the name of Palm Sunday. An animated film shows the events of Palm Sunday and the story is told in a simple manner. The significance of the palm in the context of first-century Jerusalem is also explained.

First broadcast:
23 January 2008

The story of Palm Sunday could be read to the students, emphasising that the crowd were excited because they believed Jesus to be the Messiah. Any new key vocabulary could also be explained, such as 'miracle', 'disciple' and 'Passover'. Afterwards, students could discuss why people were prepared to 'put the red carpet out' for Jesus, and what they expected of him. Ask students to consider who their heroes are, and how they might welcome them if they came to town.

Students could make palm crosses out of paper or real palm leaves, and discuss their symbolism. In the clip we learn that the palm tree has many different uses, and became known as the tree of life. The different uses could be incorporated into the palm cross designs, for example, images of water, baskets, rope, fire and dates.

Students could also make Pax cakes, including traditional decorations of sheep and goodwill messages. Ask students to rehearse how and when these would be given out to a congregation in church, as they leave after a Palm Sunday service.