Sculptures can be made out of snow and ice. In Sweden every year there is a competition to make a snow hotel. Snow is blown onto a metal frame. Once the frame is removed the snow is smoothed and snow pillars are carved to support the roof. Everything is made out of snow including the beds, bar, glasses and tables.

First broadcast:
24 September 2007

Useful as part of a study around sorting, using, grouping and changing materials. Prior to watching the clip to engage pupils and encourage curiousity, they could investigate instant snow, comparing it to real crushed ice and coming up with their own ‘What if we…?’ suggestions for investigations. Then the clip could be shown to the children and they could work with a partner to consider the pros and cons of what if we had snow every month of the year. They could then carry out research into which countries have a lot of snow and they could write an advert for a country that has a superb ski location.