Daniel ('Danny') is sent to jail for two years after committing a crime. He is sent to Feltham Young Offenders Institute, where he struggles to adjust. He shares a cell with Kevin, who is also bullied by other inmates. Danny is sent to work on the farm, and after he is caught using the phone to call his sister, he is made to clean out the pigs. This film was shot at Feltham Young Offernders Institute. All identifiable young offenders are played by actors. The first BBC broadcast of the programme was in 1993.

This clip is from:
Scene, Pig Boy
First broadcast:
22 October 1993

Prior to watching this clip, pupils could be asked to discuss what they know about punishments for youth offenders and share their ideas in small groups. This could lead to a class vote or line-up on whether or not they feel that current ideas of punishment are severe enough to deter youths from committing crime. As pupils watch the clip, they could use whiteboards or lists to describe the emotions that Danny may be feeling, so that they can show empathy for his situation. This would then enable pupils to look at their original ideas on the punishment of youth offenders and consider their initial responses in relation to the new learning from the clip. After watching, pupils could enhance their knowledge of crime and the consequences, with their own independent research.