Robyn has been to seven different schools because her dad is in the Army. She talks about the difficulties she faced when leaving old friends and making new ones. She talks very openly about being lonely in one school and how she coped with it. Her decision to go to boarding school was taken so that she didn't have to move around so much and could make some good friends. Robyn shows how she keeps in touch with her family through letters, emails and photographs.

This clip is from:
Focus, New Kid in the Class ep 1

You could consider or revisit with the class the challenges of moving schools. Referring to the clip you could ask what the hardest things were for Robyn about leaving one school and starting another. How did she try and cope with feeling left out and lonely? Ask the children to think about a time when they started a new school or club, how they felt and how they managed. What helped? You could consider with the children how our own experience of being afraid and alone can help us be aware of the feelings and needs of children coming new to the school and how we can support and befriend them. You could explore why boarding school was a good option for Robyn and how, although she missed her family, she was able to manage being away from them.