Presenters Richard Hammond and Chris Packham give their opinions on the pros and cons of cars and public transport. Hammond believes that cars are the best way to travel around and are good for carrying things you could not physically carry yourself. The disadvantages of buses are that you have to share them, they run to a timetable and they do not always take you to where you want to go. Packham thinks public transport is a much better use of resources, and he believes that it is easier to implement improvements and efficiencies to public transport than to individual cars.

First broadcast:
24 November 2003

Before watching the clip, children could be asked the question: "Would you prefer to travel by bus or car to get to school?" Children could discuss their responses and give reasons for their answers. The children could be asked to think about what the advantages and disadvantages are of using cars and public transport. After watching the clip, children could hold a class debate on the topical issue of: "Should more people use public transport more than they do their cars?" The class could be split into half, with one side arguing yes and the other side arguing no. The children could go away and research their arguments, before coming back and holding the class debate.