A look at how playgrounds are inspected and tested for safety.

First broadcast:
4 March 2008

Used as part of a study on materials, this clip provides an opportunity for the children to understand the importance of choosing materials carefully for a particular purpose. Initially, pupils could visit a local playground to record the different materials used to construct equipment eg AstroTurf, metal, wood chippings. Why do the children think this material was chosen? Is it a good choice of material? After watching the playground inspection clip, pupils could review their thoughts and revisit the playground to carry out more accurate measurements. In the same way as the inspector dropped a large steel ball from a height to test the safety of landing surfaces, pupils could devise their own way of safety testing eg dropping a tennis ball and recording how high it bounces. Any data collected could be recorded and analysed to assess the overall appropriateness of materials for the task. Pupils could offer alternative solutions based on their knowledge of the properties of materials.