The Yorkshire Dales was designated as a National Park in 1954 and was one of England's first National Parks. The National Park Management Plan considers all the varied needs of those with an interest in the National Park, so the park can be best maintained and enhanced. The National Trust is a significant land owner in the area with the aim of looking after the land for the nation indefinitely. The National Trust land lies within a Site of Special Scientific Interest. It is also designated as a National Nature Reserve and a Wetland of International Importance, so the National Trust must constantly monitor and maintain the land to ensure it is not degraded or damaged.

First broadcast:
17 February 2001

Students could debate the sometimes differing priorities of those changed with conserving and protecting an area and those who own the land. Take a case study and examine what is being enhanced and protected and why. What are the resources put in place to do so, how is this funded and do students consider these to be good choices?