The events surrounding appeasement, including Chamberlain's motivation and Churchill's opposition to the policy, are explored in depth. Archive footage shows Chamberlain flying to Munich to meet Hitler, and an extract from a speech by Chamberlain to the House of Commons in 1938, justifying his use of appeasement. A reconstruction shows the reaction of the Czech leader Benes to the events of the Munich Agreement. Chamberlain believed that he had won peace for Europe with a promise from Hitler of no further German expansion, but Hitler betrayed his promise and invaded Poland.

First broadcast:
26 January 2012

This clip could be used as a starter for a lesson on appeasement. Students could be asked to list Chamberlain's reasons for following the policy of appeasement and why there was opposition to it. This could then be followed by more detailed work on the various examples of appeasement in action. Students could create a timeline of the events throughout 1938 to the day Britain declared war with Germany or they could stage or write a debate between Chamberlain and Churchill, on the pros and cons of the appeasement policy.