Actor Art Malik narrates this adaptation of the traditional tale 'Gulliver's Travels'. We meet a Lilliputian girl called Fig who is scared of many things little girls are frightened of. One day, when she is walking her dog on the beach, she finds a giant. The little girl runs to the town, rings the bell and summons the army. The army tie the giant up, shoot arrows at him and drug him. The giant then falls into a deep sleep and as he sleeps, the Lilliputians take him back to their town, where many people come to see the spectacle. Fig only visits to play and she and the giant become good friends. Eventually, Fig and the giant cross the sea to escape. 'Fig's Giant' was written by Geraldine McCaughrean and illustrated by Jago.

This clip is from:
Jackanory Junior, Fig's Giant
First broadcast:
16 March 2007

Students could each write a news report for a different event in the story and take turns presenting it in a classroom news studio. They could use comparatives in their reports, for example, ‘today a giant as big as Lilliput’s church arrived on our shores’. Although students will need to prepare a balanced report about the events such as ‘the Boiled Egg war’ and the reason Gulliver decided to leave at the end, they could also explore the idea of giving a biased tone to their reports. Do the reports tend to support Gulliver or tend to support the people of Lilliput? Students could discuss the difference between presenting an unbalanced report and presenting a biased report.