The story of the campaign to establish a Welsh language TV channel, focusing in particular on Gwynfor Evans' threat to fast to the death for the cause. This led to a government rethink and the launch of Sianel Pedwar Cymru (S4C) on 1st November 1982.

This a Welsh language clip.

This clip is from:
BBC Cymru, Dysgu

Students can be asked to do research on Gwynfor Evans before they are shown the clip. They could be asked to express their opinions about S4C, having learnt that people fought for the channel, and asked to consider the importance of the channel to the Welsh language. The clip offers an opportunity to show learners Welsh television programmes such as Rownd a Rownd or Pobol y Cwm and to ask them to express their opinions of the programmes. Students could write a review of a Welsh television programme or a profile of a star from S4C.