A virtual tour of Blaenavon Ironworks as it is today. This clip focuses on the history of the site and the reasons behind it becoming a World Heritage site.

This clip is from:
Counties of Wales, Monmouth
First broadcast:
8 July 2004

Consider using this footage after watching the clip called 'History of Blaenavon Ironworks', as it can be used to consider different types of tourism, eg heritage tourism. Students could compare this with images of a variety of World Heritage sites. Learners could pose enquiry questions over the change from Blaenavon as a declining former industrial town to its regeneration through tourism. Secondary research from a variety of sources, including online tourist data, could be combined with a fieldwork visit to Blaenavon Ironworks, Big Pit National Mining Museum, the World Heritage Centre and different parts of the town. Students could draw up questionnaires to collect and present data from tourists and local residents for analysis and evaluation. This could be part of a unit of work on economic change in south Wales or part of a unit on regeneration or tourism.