Is death the end? Is there any evidence for an afterlife? Is death a consequence of sin but with hope of a risen life, as Christians say? Or is it all about karma leading to rebirth, as Buddhists believe? A look at Christian and Buddhist views on the afterlife. NOTE: This clip states the Buddha was born in what is now India. However it is widely thought that he was born across the modern border, in what is now Nepal.

This clip is from:
KS4 Curriculum Bites
First broadcast:
19 September 2007

Ask students to complete a Venn diagram that allows three ideas to be compared - in this case, Christianity, Buddhism and the student's own view. Encourage them to use technical terminology and to research anything they are not sure about having watched the clip. Students could then snowball their ideas by comparing them with a partner, then another pair, and then another group of four. Each group of eight could then feedback to the full class a) things that surprised them; b) questions they have about the afterlife and if there is one.