A montage of clips showing rocks in a variety of forms and locations. From molten rock, canyons and gorges, to international landmarks and precious stones. There is no narration in this clip.

This clip is from:
Science Clips, Rocks and Soils
First broadcast:
9 October 2007

After watching each section within the clip, the clip could be paused and children could be asked to discuss what rock they think they have just seen, based on its appearance, its use, any signs of rock properties eg being crumbled so a soft rock, weathered or eroded, polished up for decoration. The children could also be asked to research some of the rocks they have seen on the clip, and write facts and information about them as if they were presenting a TV documentary on them. The clip could be played back and the children could provide the voiceover and the information about the different elements they have seen on the clip.