In the early 1970s, the IRA began a devastating campaign of bombings and assassinations against the security forces and civilian targets in Northern Ireland. The Northern Ireland government decided that the only way they could combat this campaign was to introduce internment - imprisonment without trial - for suspected terrorists. Interviewees then evaluate the impact of internment, and whether it was in fact counter-productive and actually helped the IRA.

This clip is from:
Six Counties
First broadcast:
17 February 1981

Students could have access to ICT facilities to view and review this clip. Students could be asked to work in pairs to make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of introducing internment in 1971. They could present this as a set of scales demonstrating the judgement Prime Minister Brian Faulkner had to make. Students could then assess and explain how successful they thought internment was. A further task might be to give students a template of blank speech bubbles to assess internment from government and nationalist perspectives.