Adrian Lester narrates a story about a world divided into two halves, the north and the south. The southern half is ruled by evil fire dragons and the north is ruled by peace-loving snow dragons. In between the two halves live the two-legs. A special book known as 'book' is a set of instructions of how the world works. The fire dragons get hold of the book and cause the happening, which destroys the land and forces the two-legs to live underground to protect themselves from the fire dragons. However, a little boy called Tuft is a two-leg who joins forces with a snow dragon to save the world from the fire dragons. 'The Snow Dragon' was written by Vivian French and illustrated by Chris Fisher.

First broadcast:
14 March 2008

This clip is useful as part of a study about stories set in fantasy worlds. Discuss how the book in the story acts in the same way as a magic mirror from other well-known traditional tales. The children can formulate questions they would like to ask ‘book’ about life in the North and South of the world. Using these questions and answers given by a teacher, teaching assistant or other pupil in role as ‘book’, the children could write a descriptive piece about the setting for each land - the North land where the peace loving snow dragons live and the South where the evil fire dragons rule.