"French footballer Gabriel Obertan and Argentinian footballer Jonás Gutierréz talk about their language experiences and how these help the team dynamics during a typical training day at Newcastle United Football Club. Simon Tweddle, first team fitness coach at the club, tells us about his job and how the international team communicates on the pitch. He teaches us a few Spanish phrases that he uses with his team: ‘vamos’, ‘uno más’, ‘dos más’, ‘otra vez’, ‘listo’ and ‘pásala’. Obertan and Gutierréz introduce the nationalities of the players on the team in Spanish, before some Newcastle United fans tell us the Spanish phrases that they know."

This clip is from:
Speaking Sport
First broadcast:
5 June 2012

A class could research 12 key words in Spanish, that are used on the football pitch, including the ones they hear in this series of interviews. They could then stage a match, where the rule is that is you are going to shout an instruction, you have to shout it in Spanish.