A young blogger from Naumburg explains the variety of uses of German adjectives through descriptions of her clothes. First, she shows viewers her “mom jeans”, stripey sweater, her classic jacket and her shirt. She explains that she is going out later with her girlfriends and is unsure of what to wear. She tries on a variety of items but isn’t happy until she picks out some jeans, a white shirt and a rose jacket. Also, she explains that in Naumburg there are a number of second hand shops where you can find great items for cheap prices. Finally, she puts on her makeup in preparation for a night out with her friends.

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This could be used to introduce basic adjectives (colour, type, style) paired with clothing vocabulary. Grammar learning points could include a focus on indefinite articles, adjective and noun word order (useful for dual linguists where word order patterns may differ in other languages) and the changes to adjective endings depending on the gender and number of the noun being described. Pupils could also examine the difference in adjective endings when using the definite versus indefinite articles.