The human body needs iron to work properly. This must come from the food we eat. Does this mean we need to eat nails? An experiment using a beaker, magnet, water and cereal proves that some breakfast cereals contain iron.

This clip is from:
Science Clips, Keeping Healthy
First broadcast:
28 April 2009

Used as an introduction to the importance of a healthy varied diet, the clip demonstrates our body's need of a variety of foods to sustain us. After watching the first part of the clip, it could be paused to discuss the variety of materials that form the human body (carbon, water, iron) culminating in the question displayed on the screen: 'Does that mean we have to eat nails?'
Explain why iron is needed (for red blood cell production) and ask the children to suggest how we get iron into our bodies. Pupils could study a variety of food packaging and design a campaign to promote foods which are rich in iron. As a further challenge, children could be asked to design an experiment to prove that iron exists in cereals (this draws on a previous knowledge of the magnetic properties of iron). The clip provides a practical solution for pupils who find this a challenging task.