Fred, a seven-year-old boy, moves to a new home in Scotland. He wants to make new friends and faces new problems and dilemmas as he tries to do so.

This clip is from:
Watch, Me
First broadcast:
21 June 2007

After viewing the clip you could revisit the class circle of Fred's feelings and consider how he is feeling now waiting to be picked for the football team and then trying to talk to his Mum at home. Are there any new feelings they would add?
You could explore how it feels to be ignored by inviting the children to draw and write or talk about any time they have felt 'invisible' or by reading and discussing the book 'Not Now Bernard' by David McKee if you have a classroom copy.
The class could explore the possible consequences of Fred's taking his sister's inhalers and consider other non- harmful strategies that Fred could use that might help him be noticed. The children could then share ideas with one another for getting people to listen to us.