Orm describes a Viking longship and explains what life was like on board. Long, sleek and fast longships were designed to travel up narrow rivers and held up to 120 men. On the prow was the head of a fierce creature to frighten the spirits of the land that the Vikings were raiding. Orm describes the Vikings' food, sleeping arrangements and how they steered the ship by sun, stars and knowledge passed on by earlier raiders.

First broadcast:
21 November 2008

Students could investigate the features of a Viking longship and their purpose. Students could use what they have learned in the clip to make their own model of a Viking longboat out of junk or art and crafts materials. To add an extra level of challenge, the design brief could include a requirement to float on water, be waterproof or carry a load.

Alternatively, students could consider what they think it would have been like to sail and sleep in a Viking longship. What would the Vikings have talked about as they sailed? What did they make of the journey ahead? They could incorporate their ideas into a piece of improvised drama or a piece of creative writing.