Barnaby Bear locates Norway and its capital Oslo on a map. He notices that Norway is a long, thin country with sea all down one side. Barnaby travels to Norway in a coastal steamer. The steamer goes all along the Norwegian coast delivering goods and picking up tourists. The port is full of colourful houses. From the port, Barnaby continues his journey by car to a village. Along the way, the views are fantastic and there are very few houses. There are snow fences to stop snow from blocking the roads, and Barnaby learns that reindeer live in Norway. The village Barnaby stays in has a population of just 120 people. This is roughly the same number of people living in one street in Chester in the UK.

First broadcast:
18 February 2007

This clip is useful as a discussion and comparison tool to compare Norway with the UK. What differences or similarities are there in weather? Landscape? Food? Travelling? The children could make a topic/ scrap book with Norway located on a map, the flag of Norway and some basic Norwegian words. The children could use travel brochures and travel guides to research the sites in Norway and could make their own travel guides to suggest places for Barnaby to visit.