Jimmy sets out to discover how economy chicken kievs can be made so cheaply. Premium chicken kievs are made with 100% chicken breast while economy use the left over chicken. He demonstrates how factories can go about mechanically recovering chicken meat from the carcass using tools and a car tyre in his barn. He uses the meat he recovers and mixes it with soya protein to make his own economy kievs. He then deep fries it to crispen the outside before baking and sampling!

This clip is from:
Jimmy's Food Factory
First broadcast:
9 February 2011

This clip could be used as research for a 'Contemporary Food Issues' investigation on the difference in price between 'premium' and 'budget' brands. It could also be used to explore the social and cultural issues around commercial food products, and the benefits and drawbacks of both 'premium' and 'budget' brands. The teacher might prompt learners to reflect on the balance between economic, health and sustainability issues in the design, manufacture, marketing and consumption of budget brands.
The clip affords an opportunity to discuss the specification of food production equipment and the potential for cross-contamination, in terms of hygiene and flavour.