The Chuckle Brothers use apples to show how to measure and record weight and convert grams into kilograms. Standard metric units and their abbreviations are used to measure and record weight. A simple conversion from grams to kilograms is described.

First broadcast:
13 September 2007

This clip can be used as part of a task where pupils are instructed to complete their own, partly filled in, conversion table, firstly for named items and then simply for different numbers of grams into kilograms. Pupils can watch the clip and fill in the gaps in the table that they are able to, based on what it shows. They can then be given a couple of minutes to see if they are able to apply what they know about the number of grams in 1 kilogram to the other measurements on their table. Now that they are engaged, any pupils who are unable to do this can watch the teacher draw a diagram to show how the number of grams in 1 kilogram can be easily multiplied to get the number of grams in other weights.