A Jewish family visits the synagogue on Saturday morning to observe Shabbat. A Jewish girl compares worshipping at home to worshipping at the synagogue. During the service, the Torah is taken out from the Ark, behind the curtains, and a Rabbi reads from it in Hebrew before the scrolls are carefully put away again.

First broadcast:
22 April 1997

Could be used to learn about the Torah and help to understand how it is treated with respect. The class could make a model of a Torah using a long piece of paper, 2 rolls from the inside of foil or greaseproof paper, a pencil covered in foil (for the yad) and velvet fabric to cover it. The children could try to write some Hebrew words on the paper. Once it has been made, watch the clip again to be reminded of how the Torah is looked after. Keep the model Torah in a special place in the classroom for role-play opportunities.