A young blogger from Naumburg has cleaned his desk in preparation to explain what technological items he owns. He woke up deciding that he was going to make a video about how much he loves technology. Demonstrating the use of pronouns, he shows viewers his Computersachen, his PC, his games console and his smartphone. He explains that his room is the best place to hang out because of all of the gadgets that he owns and he plays on the internet all day. He also explains how he is a film fan and often goes to the cinema with his friend. Finally, he shares his video blog.

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This could be used to easily introduce the grammatical concept of pronouns with a preliminary question focusing on seeing if students can identify any in English and explain their function before viewing the video to see how they work in German. Subsequent exploration of this grammatical point could involve how the gender and number (i.e. singular vs plural) of the noun govern pronoun use.